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I am a 175 lb 51 year old male who is otherwise healthy. I have had a mild case of psoriasis for years without really knowing what it was. I had these white bumps on my elbows and on some on the knuckles of my right hand. I finally asked my doctor about them and he gave me a physician sample cream that did the job but they returned once I stopped using the cream.

I had occasion to visit a dermatologist who told me there is nothing I could do so not to worry about it. It was at this point I Googled psoriasis home remedies and found this link at the beginning of August 2011.

I scrolled through the various submissions. There were several recommending Vitamin D and fish oil and those caught my eye. Coincidentally, I had just bought cod liver oil for my dog as the vet had recommended it for his coat.

Well, I must say the results have been wonderful! I have been taking this combination for over 5 weeks and the bumps are 95% eliminated and they continue to diminish each day. Needless to say, I am very happy to contribute back to this healing thread.

Previously, I was taking a multi-vitamin which contained 400 IU and 2 tabs x 1000 IU Vitamin D. The suggestions from this site seemed to recommend 6000 IU plus fish oil. Therefore, I upped my Vitamin D from 2 tabs to 5 tabs for a total 5000 IU + 400 IU from the multi + a teaspoon of cod liver oil has another 400 IU of Vitamin D plus 4000 IU of Vitamin A. This combination seems to be doing the job for me.

I have fair skin so I had previously done some research on Vitamin D. All the reviews were favourable and there did not seem to be any downside for taking too much so I felt very comfortable when it came to increasing the dosage. For greater comfort, I would certainly recommend you do your own research on this matter.

I hope this will help contribute to your healing as much as the other submissions did for mine. Good luck!

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How did you use the Cod Liver Oil? Did you take it orally or topically? If orally, how much? Thanks for the post!

Matt Dallas

Cod Liver oil did not work for me. My 'P' symptom was getting worse. Just FYI.

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