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heres how we rid our carpeted home from flea infestation, after spending 0ver 300 on products that did not make any difference this will explain how we did it for a few pounds. things that did not work, we bought an expensive dehumidifier, this was to stop flea cycle as they cannot breed if humidity is less than 50% well that did not work because you can only keep your room below that for a certain amount of time, it goes back up when you open doors etc.

We bought borox - lots of it and covered the carpets for a week, and still healthy adult fleas were jumping on us.
we bought Diatomaceous Earth which was to cut fleas to bits when they passed over it approx five times, hmm we put live fleas in a bowl of this earth and after 5 hours of walking on nothing else they did not die.

We used foggers in every room at the same time, may have helped but did not eliminate, we used sprays which only works on the adult fleas not eggs, so still we had them.

This is how we sorted them, first we bagged most of our clothes and bedding in storage vaculm bags and took all the air out, then in time submerged the clothes in water and hot washed them, put them back in bags till we knew all our fleas had gone.

second thing we did was flea injection from vet that lasts 6 months called 'project' its available in uk and usa about £25 - this is different to other flea treatment it just stops fleas reproducing.

next step was to vaculm everyday pulling out settee etc

tehn we bough some cheap solor paneled garden lights from pound shop and some large plastic trays each night we placed the trays down on the floor filled them with water with washing up liquid in them and then put a light in the middle of the tray, every morning the trays would have dead fleas in them as they jump towards the light but drown in the water.

do this every night and you will see less and less fleas in the tray each time, till all the fleas have gone.

hope my post will save you a lot of money and help rid those fleas

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you said flea injections called project, did you mean program?

C. Darwin

I think that there were less drawn fleas on the tray because they learnt from their elders to avoid it, and the bullheaded fleas that kept going there would not have the opportunity to reproduce, and the smart ones that learnt from experience would reproduce and produced children that were smart and avoided the tray. It was a Darwinian experiment, that is all.

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