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Drink plenty of distilled or bioled water. Add a slice of lemon in your glass or just squeeze some in.
If you cannot get distilled water put a glass of it out in the sun for over four hours.

Sleep in a room with no light and keep your cell phones and electronics well away.(Its best to use your room only for sleeping/sex etc, put your pc in another room. you want to switch your mind off from the world, a text message going off every 30minutes doesnt work). Get into a good pattern, go to bed before 10pm every night. 9+ hours of sleep is prime for eczema sufferers.

Apply moisterizer after baths, showers and whenever your skin is dry. I use fatty cream and melagel. When my eczema is really bad, steriod creams go on- but they are my last resort.(IMPORTANT:too much of steroid creams and you can end up getting asthma like i did, when i stopped useing the creams, asthma went away).

Face masks for eczema: organic manuka honey is a real beauty. Apple cider vinegar- google braggs acv. Read the book its well worth it. Lemon, sugar and water.
If you have acne you'll find it will also dissapear! :)

Eat your veggies and fruit. Organic is best. Try ovoid acidic foods, pinnaple tommotoes etc.

Find your triggers, is it your washing powder- try sensitive products, what you use in the shower. go natural products with no bad chemicals added-avoid fragrance in your products at all costs! Dairy and weat are too common!(If its dairy dont switch to soy, thats bad for you)

Go to Dr Mercola's site right now, or write it down. He has a load of interesting stuff that will help you.

I take Evening primrose oil, organic flaxseed oil, krill oil(when it arrives), probiotics, magnessium and vitb6 some times, at least 2 Green teas a day. And zinc because here in New Zealand our soil is zinc depleated. My Derm said only use Dove products and i found a huge improvment compared to the shit i was using.

Sweating is supposed to be really good because it gets all the toxins out of you. unfortunatly i cant do it i start to itch and it makes my eczeama worse. Try a sauna i havn't done this yet! On this note: excersise once a day, even if its a 15 minute walk. Get your heart beating and oxegen flowing!

Sun light: try to get 10+minutes of sun a day(but dont sunburn). if you cant and stay inside like me most days, try a vitamin D Supplement.

Salt water can make eczema better for some and crap for others, go to the beach its good to relax anyway. For me it made mine worse, and i had to run back to my hostel and put fatty cream on because it made my skin so dry!

Maybe get a humidifier, moisten the air. I have heard 35 to 60% for dry skin... Something to look into.

Stop itching!! I use pinetarsol to stop myself itching, its great! google it. The old oat meal grinded up bath also can do the trick.

Dont get stressed, think possitive. Keep away from smokers or people who are negative.

google this please i beg you:
ease that itch dr mercola

sorry for my spelling, smile and have a good day, lets keep our eczema at bay.

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Thanks. Very helpful information.

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