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Try warm cup of water with a teaspoon of salt (2 is optional). Worked for my 22 year old sister, my 4 year old nephew, and my 44 year old parents. I gurentee it will work ;)

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Marcus DiMarco

Not working for me, I drank 1 cup warm water with 1 tsp iodized salt stirred in and its been 15 minutes, mabye a slight improvement but not much. No vomiting, but I do hear my stomache girgleing a bit.

My stomach ache is probably from a week of overeating on a cruise so it might be in my large intestine instead of the stomach, but it does feel like a normal stomachache. Mabye this doesn't work for this cause of a stomachache or mabye it just takes way longer for the saltwater to get to the large intestine. If it does work ill post back.

Marcus DiMarco

Update: Seems like it acted as a mild laxative at the 30 minute mark. Since my stomach still hurt after that( but was a bit better) I then drank another cup of warm water with 1 tsp salt in it, waited another half hour and nothing. My stomach still hurts.

worried babysitter

i am babysitting two little girls and one has a stomach ache. i was looking for some thing to help and found this. gunna try this house and i hope it works :)

worried babysitter

i meant hope lol


Hey, thanks a lot for this remedy! My girlfriend tried just about everything, but nothing worked! She tried your salt water remedy and it worked within minutes. Thanks a lot for your help! =)


Thanks you for posting this and helping me feel better abt advising my fiance to drink this. About a couple of weeks ago, I did the master cleanse and this salt water flush definately works and it helps you cleanse your stomach.
Salt water flush:Mix 2 tsps so SEA Salt and drink at once if you are able to, if not in two. It will make you go to the bathroom immediately or within minutes! It worked for my fiance in abt 15 mnts. For me, as soon as I was done drinking the water! Hope you all feel better! :)


* 2 tspns of sea salt in 32 ounces of water


my 15 year old son had a really bad stomach pain,half a cup of warm water & a tea spoon of salt = cured! wow!! it really works...Thanks!!


Thank you so much. Had a stomach ache for the whole day and just tried this remedy and it really did work within seconds.


I was a little scared to try this because I had a stomach ache for more than 8 hours and I was for sure I was gonna throw up so I took 3 sips and it worked,....... well it took away the watery mouth feeling, if I can bring myself to drink the whole cup I think I would feel a lot better!

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