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Try warm cup of water with a teaspoon of salt (2 is optional). Worked for my 22 year old sister, my 4 year old nephew, and my 44 year old parents. I gurentee it will work ;)

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PEOPLE LOOK NO FURTHER! GUARANTEE IT WILL WORK!! I tried ginger ale, alka seltzer and also just waiting it out but nothing. I found this remedy and thought 'meh probably wont make me feel any worse so what the heck'.
2 mins later i vomitted (which i hate doing) BUT MY PAINFUL AGONY IS FINALLY OVER!! Thank you so much and GOD BLESS YOU !!


IT WORKS!!!! Out of all the remedies on this page, I chose this one to try. Who knew?! It took about 15 min. but I guess it works at its on pace depending on the person. But I just had to post with everyone else to say IT REALLY WORKS!

MC santayana

i used to do that.

Jose padro

Do you drink it or gogled it ? How because my daugher has 5 yrs old and woke up with a stomache


Okay, I'll try this.


Worked for my 10 year old...thanks for sharing

fred (sex addict)

hi, i am a 98 year old man named fred. i was in so much pain i couldn't stand up and your remedy saved me! you are my hero! i love you! marry me?? please? i am a lonely cat looking to have 'adult fun' with you. come chill in my hood girl. i will take you to a magical place in my penis...

Worried wife now happy wife...:)

IM so glad I came upon this remedy my husbands sound asleep after being up most of the night in pain I told him about this he tried about thirty mins he finally felt better thanks a bunch hes thankful also...and finally sleeping...:)


I just tried this about 2 mins ago and I think it's working! :) thank u do much I frikkin hate this stomachache

alex m

tasted almost as bad as ocean water but worked a miracle thanks so much

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