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Try warm cup of water with a teaspoon of salt (2 is optional). Worked for my 22 year old sister, my 4 year old nephew, and my 44 year old parents. I gurentee it will work ;)

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A full cup of water or half ??


Works a dream :D


HI, really not nice taste but it works within seconds, incredible, thanks.


Wow, I was dubious but a half a cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of salt worked brilliantly for me!


Thank you very much for your salt and warm water remedy.I was having pain on my tummy for nearly 6hrs and tried all kinds of medication.But when I took the salt water remedy I immediately vomitted within less then 1 second and it was such a GREAT RELIFE after the ordeal of pain.Thank you very much you have made MY DAY:}


Thank God this remedy actually worked.I was in so much pain this morning.Took pepto but didnt work, googled this remedy and here I am feeling all good.Thanks for sharing.


i used a teaspoonful of salt and a 1/2 mug of warm water, it worked withing 3 seconds


My 7yr old had a stomach ache, he woke up crying in the middle of the night.I tried this,he vomitted.and felt better.I was amazed that it worked!


Worked like magid. I tried this remedy and my stomach ache stopped right away.

PFC(53 years old)

Worked for me in a few minutes.I had just half a cup and waited a minute. Did not need the whole cup.

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