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I just want to tell everyone out there that suffers from boils does not have to any more . Recently I had two boils one on my side and another under my breast kind of embarrassing place for one well thee one on my side was doing well but the one under my breast was not I tried tea tree oil that wasn't helping I tried hydrocortisone that wasn't helping at this time it was very painful and I thought I even noticed a red line coming from the area I was to embarrassed to go to the doctors and I was desperate then I heard the turmeric cures (drinking one teaspoon turmeric withwater 3 times daily ,and making a paste of tumeric with water and puting it on the boil ) I tried doing both its not easy drinking it but I did and I put the paste on my boil then put some gauze on to cover it well if this didn't work I was going to go to my doctor and have it taken care of well the night after I put the paste on the boil I felt a stinging and I checked it out and it had burst thank god for that , so for anyone that suffers from boils please try the turmeric first nothing else worked for me tumeric really works great it really does

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I want improvement I want to know that we are a litlte better today than we were yesterday, and tomorrow we are a litlte better than we are today ..on an ongoing basis.Apply this continuous improvement how you might think I want to see our town spend less and when we do spend get the most bang for each dollar.The bid processes needs to be improved to get the work done as quickly as possible and as inexpensively as possible. It would be great to see department heads, budget committee and residents have easy access to Reliable information and Progress Reports.We require better records kept that among other things would allow the town to aggressively pursue grant money.We need transparency and controls in government to see where our money goes and know how it was spent.I could go on and on . but in general we need to improve in each and every area we can with being more efficient, more frugal and more open. Much as the GPS and cell phones have improved the way trucking and communication can be done, so should the town improve it's management and record keeping techniques. Is this change? yes it is but it is change that should cost us nothing to implement..moreover is costing us taxpayers each day we wait, though waste and inefficiency.I don't claim to have all the answers far from it. To be honest i don't know whats happening behind the closed doors. I just see so many areas where we can improve, and we need to improve. Given the opportunity that is what i will work toward Improvement pure and simple. I will engage dialog and work together with the other Selectmen to make improvements wherever possible.I think it's great that Mr. Marsters saved the town $6.09 a ton last winter. This is just my case in point. A resident was able to locate a better deal on salt than the Town could locate on it's own accord. I hope to have the opportunity to change Mr. Marsters opinion of me. It is true I can live here the rest of my life and still not have as many years in town as he and many others, but I will know I gave my best effort to make our unique community a better place.

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