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Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Hamburger meat works better than the full strength medicine hospitals prescribe. I was severely constipated for two straight weeks while in the hospital. The doctors tried everything. My grandfather told me to go buy a hamburger. I did It.It worked the same day. Now I make sure hamburger meat is in my families diet weekly. Nobody in my family has been consstipated in 7 years.

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Hamburger Meat?? u gotta be kidding me..My Father is 76yrs old and recovering from a stroke he had on 2-12-05 and the once side affect he has is constipation..and i've tried fleets pills, apple cider,prune juice, and even citrate of magnesia..and still NOTHING and ur telling me HAMBURGER MEAT!!! does it REALLY WORK??? please email me @


Take Care & God Bless


I'm sorry. I've tried hamburgur meat and it didn't work for me. (I actually felt a lot worse after eating the meat.)


Meat is one of (if not the) number one cause of constipation. It was just a fluke that you were able to have a bowel movement after eating the hamburger. It didn't cure your constipation.


what? this is supposed to work? i have been eating hamburgers for 3 straight weeks. i literally have crap coming out of my mouth!


Beef farmer...nice try


it only works if its from mcdonalds


It was most likely the grease from the hamburger that relieved your constipation.


you might be inserting Hamburger from your rear and taking out from your mouth ...

thats why it works for you , and might be for your family .......

this is the only possibility, else, for the normal persons, it actually does never works.


meat is a hard to digest food that generally is one of the causes of diet related constipation. Yes, sometimes a greasy heavy meal may make you go (like why they call white castles 'sliders'), but in reality, overtime this will make constipation problems MUCH worse if you do this on a regular basis. I surely would not suggest it to someone who just had a stroke or any other heart problems!!! It's fatty, full of salt, and terribly unhealthy. A big mac has 29 grams of fat. a whopper has around 40 grams. both contain loads of salt, grease, and saturated fat, which will bind you long term, not to mention the other problems this can cause if consumed on a regular basis.
-medical assistant, sister of two nurses


I have been suffering from constipation, and it led to my bowels rupturing, they said one of the leading things that caused it was how much hamburger meat I was eating to try and get rid of the constipation in the first place.

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