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I tried the apple cider vinegar dabbing for over a week but it didnt help. It seemed to make my Perleche/Angular Cheilitis worse. My lips and cracks were still opening up and I could barely open my mouth when eating. It was getting pretty ugly. I also decided not to try aftershave or cologne, that seemed a little haphazard.

I also didn't want to buy these greedy remedies online nor see a dermatologist ($$). Thankfully, after doing a little more research, I realized I needed to make one simple change in my remedy: keep the area DRY!

I learned that I just needed to simply cover the cracks and mouth corners with a little dab (not too much) of clotrimazole cream - I used Lotrimin AF. Then, cover each Lotrimin dab with a Vaseline-type protection jelly. I used Aquaphor, a little more expensive but it really seems to help and it's scent-free, unlike Carmex. I've been doing this at least 4 times a day for 2 days.

The Aquaphor is to keep any moisture or water out of your cracks which is the whole point: keeping the area dry so the fungus/bacteria will starve to death and die since they need moisture to eat and survive. I especially did this when I went to bed (drooling).

I also cut down on my sugar intake but not completely. I'm eating Total cereal in the morning (which has good iron content) with Vanilla soymilk which has sugar. But it doesn't seem to hinder the healing. I think you all know what kind of sugars you shouldn't eat.

I also bought a B-100 Complex Vitamin formula (Nature's Way brand), not a B-50, and took a pill once a day. And I finished that up with a multi-vitamin with Iron. The Iron makes me a little nervous (I'm a male) but when the Perleche is completely gone in a couple days hopefully, I'll go back to my iron-free multi.

So after about a month with this condition, my Perleche/Angular Cheilitis is nearly gone, finally! I hope the above remedy helps. If it doesn't, best of luck with your remedy.

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