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I have done a small bit of research about these vile creatures. The best remedy is PREVENTION. Get Permanone and read how to use it. Once you start itching from chiggers it's too late to do anything to stop it. When a chigger gets under your skin, it feeds until it bursts (kind of gross, isn't it??) It's body fluids is what causes the inflammation and itching. Go to for a full blown dissertation on these things and relief from the itch.

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I'm sorry but you are wrong in that chiggers do not eat until they burst. They feed on broken down skin cells. In order to break these cells down the insert saliva that has high digestive properties which irritates the skin around it. Chiggers will only feed on vertebrates in there first stage of growth. They then become vegetarians which sounds crazy but it's true. Chiggers do not burrow under skin and die or burst. Not trying to be rude just trying to help


chiggers don't get under your skin and stay there. they bite and leave. the constant itch is from the bite, not from the chigger.


As the two above me said, chiggers do not burrow in the skin. They bite and inject saliva, which breaks down skin cells so they can eat them. Then they drop off.

What possible evolutionary advantage could there be in burrowing in the skin and eating until you burst? This doesn't happen because it's evolutionarily counterproductive.

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