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After suffering from genital warts for about 6 months, trying all kinds of home remedies which are listed on here,(Vit E, garlic, tee tree oil, duck tape,dr schols, ACV etc..) doctors visits, and basically hitting rock bottom for a cure I finally found it and it's the ONLY thing that works so save yourself the suffering and just do it. Wartrol - you can only buy it online with a credit card, its descreetly packaged and shipped and wont even show on your credit card statement. Price is ~ 75$ for 2 month supply. Everyone says not to scratch or cut the wart, sorry guys but dont listen to that. Heres what you do. (I had ~4 small warts on the outer lip of my vag.) 1. Buy The Wartrol (it's the only think that works FAST) , 2 take a hot shower or Bath is even better. Use a new razor to shave over the warts, i ran the razor over it about 10 times to cause the wart to almost be scratched a little. Soak or spray the area with HOT water (the hotter the better- warts HATE HEAT) immediately after you get out and dry off spray the wartrol directly on the area where the warts are. Also use as directed (2 sprays under tounge 3x's/day). In 1 week they were GONE and I was happy. I will have you know that i stopped using it after they dissapeared and started to feel a little itchy like they were comming back so i started using it again and the itchyness went away. I havent stopped using it since.(3 months) Just a spray or 2 under your tounge twice a day. It says that after 4-6 months of use the hpv virus goes dormant and 85% of people never see them again. (Thats what i'm hoping for)All I know is i have no warts anymore and right now thats all i care about. Good Luck and yourself the pain, suffering, and stress and just order the wartrol, it was my life saver.

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if your legit, post ur email. please


Suspicious about this one!! Sounds like a marketing ad!!


this is a scam people!


I bought Wartol and it isn't doing anything. I spray under my tongue and on the warts. Save your money.

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