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My boys have had lice a few times over the years and we've tried Rid, Quell by prescription when the Rid didn't work, olive oil/vaseline and plastic wrap, etc.
The best remedy we've found so far is Suave coconut shampoo and conditioner and the comb every day for a week to 10 days.
The boys are older now, but the youngest has a case of lice right now--he's still in high school.
He's doing the coconut shampoo and comb routine and after reading the remedies here, we added Listerine.
I always insisted that as long as they're in school they must use coconut shampoo and he never had lice until he switched shampoo, but believe me, he's ready to switch back permanently.

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Olive Oil works best for my kids + Nit-Nurse. And to repel the bugs, Tea tree/rosemary oil.

Sarmistha De

Bad options!Horrible!Disgusting!


that was a helpful comment!

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