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I have had no previous experience with lice. My daughter had an itchy head and I kept looking and I never really saw anything. Then I looked at her neck one day and it looked like a rash, so I put some ointment on it mentioned it to daycare. She called me an hour later and told me she had lice. Needless to say my daycare shut down her whole daycare and spent 16 hours cleaning. I went in to crazy mom of a kid with lice mode and went balistic on my house and then did everhting imaginable to my child. I did not know better at the time so I bout Nix. I had to cut5 inches off her hair and both the comb I bought separate and the ones that came with it were plastic and useless. I combed and I combed and I picked nits all day. I spent 6 hours on her head that day. Then my son came home and I checked him and sure enough...there they were. At that point I realized I didn't want to throw more pesticides on him so I bought an all natural product at a kids hair salon called ladybug which also came with an amzing comb. I used the oil, followed up by the mouse and a ton more combing. I sat her down in front of the TV several times a day and picked and picked the nits out. She has light brown hair, so I think there were a lot that I may have missed because they blended with her hair. We identified the lice on a Friday and I spent all weekend working on her. I did everything to her. I flatironed her hair, dumped vinegar on her head(burned, I don't recommend this) I never found another live louse at all. Daycare wanted a note from a nurse that she was OK, she's only 3, but the school nurse checked her and said no lice, no nits. Great, off to daycare, she checked her again more thoroughly than the nurse and found a nit/white/cream color. Through further research and since I know how thorougly I went through my daughter's hair I have realized that it was an empty one from nits that had bee laid and hadn't been picked out. So, I leave daycare hysterical because if you've ever really dealt with this and done it the right way it's a true nightmare. My whole life screached to a halt in my battle against these demon bugs. I was SO frustrated; I just did not know what to do. I then spent the next week meticulously going through her hair; finding more eggs, which I still believe were empty, and eradicating everthing. I put the rest of the family in olive oil, saran wrapped them; and made them sleep like that about every other night. I put tea tree oil in all the shampoo's and conditioners and sprayed her constantly with the mint spray that came with the kit to repel anything left behind. I did oil on my daughter, made a concoction of dawn/vinegar/tea tree oil and I combed and combed and combed and still we see eggs. I finally bought Denorex and then this comb. Ironically enough I saw this advertised the first day of my research and wish I had bought it. It's been 12 days and even last night I was still picking the eggs out, but I know it can take two weeks for them to hatch and I truly think that the nits are too close to her hair color so what I am seeing is hatched ones because I have found nothing. But because I am so paranoid I bought this comb. The key to this comb is to section the hiar, comb through it and then use it. The first night I was getting ones; although they were so small I never would have found them. As of yesterday I continue to shampoo with the denorex and I will use this comb every day for another week or until I go 3 consecutive days without eggs; but I finally have some hope that we are on the right track. I have also purchased a combination of lavendar and rosemary oil to add to shampoo and make a spray and spritz the kids with regularly to keep them away.

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Use Rosemary oil with CAUTION..It is a Herbal convulsant..Found this out after adding it to baby shampoo as a lice treatment recomended for my grandaughter by our local health food store..She ended up in the hospital for 3 days after suffering a Non eleptus seisure..Got rid of the lice but could have done some serious damage..Very dangerous..check it out before you use it..

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