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nupur ghosh

I was suffering from this acute tooth ache on right side . Tried everything. But will give mustard oil,turmeric powder and pinch of salt paste a thumbs up for qiute a relief.but it was like 55%only worked. Went to a dentist also he declared some infection and wrote some pain killers amoxicillin etc.but pain was still on. Then there come d rescue remedy from my mom. Clove oil on a cotton ball directly on d problem area. Its so effective.I am able to write this only after that treatment!

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amoxicillin is helpful if yiou had an infection, but exposed tooth your soultion might work. I will try it


Boy does it ever work!!!! Clove oil is the only way to go!!


Where can i find clove oil???


Re: Where to find clove oil -
call around to 'mom&pop' style pharmacies, or even the main ones/big chain pharmacies, nearly everyone carries it. Dentists use it all the time. Just remember, don't swallow it!!

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