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Simarouba Leaves!

Boil the Shade dried leaves in water for ten minutes and let it cool.

Once cool, Roll it all inside your mouth and drink.

Works like a charm.

(Simarouba Glauca is a very common tree, Pls Google)

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mario balotelli

what a great everyday item that is. take a good long look at yourself

dr fungus

you all wasting your time and money in this painfull experience mouth ulcers are called benign cancer caused by candida or yeast infection there is no cure for candida you can only control it with non candidal diet for life if naglected end result is myriad of undiagnosable diseases including diabetes and malignant cancer


There's no such thing as an incurable disease--only people that don't know how to cure the so called 'incurable' disease.

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