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try putting apple cider vinegor on your face... wash off( best to right before bed next day almost everything is gone,i promise it works if it wore=ked for my red splotchy face it will work for yours to!!!

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I have tried this receipe today, my face became and acne became calm right a way and I cant wait till tomorrow to see the result... My advice to avoid the outside area around the eye, mine turned red emmidiatly but i didnt feel any irretation, I used Olay sensetive face lotion and it took care of the redness! i believe this will work just by the way my face feel now!! I will let you all know..


Hi guys, I told you I will let you know how it will feel and look today!!! And WOW!!! this really works!!! My pimpels were huring so much yesterday, today I woke up and the acne was flat and wasnt hurting me anymore, I cant tell you how amazing the diference was...WOW thank you for posting this easy remedy..I loved it and planing to use it again and again in the future!!! You guys use it and be pain and pimple FREE!!!


Is this ok for sensitive skin it seems everything i do or use doesn't work I just wanna find something that does?


do you do it at night and leave it on all night??


This REALLY works....thanks a bizillion!

Paige the Gamer

Works best over the night, and works on sensitive skin.

please help

Will it work with red wine vinegar? and does this work for just regular breakouts? I dont have acne but my face has been non stop breaking out and I dont know why I didnt have this many zits during puberty. I wake up with a new one evryday and my forehead has just tiny little red bumps all over

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