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Ok Here is a trick I use. Boil a potato until soft, but not mushy. Cut potato into pencil size and put the rest in a container. I use a big bandage clothe and tape, but whatever you can use is good, but break potato slice in half and put both on the sides of your nose. cover up and do this before bed. In the morning your blackheads will be on the surface of your nose or on the potato slice. Wash away with cold water. the potato acid from the boiling water pulls the blackheads up to the surface and allows for easy removal. I use this potato trick for almost anything since the acid in it draws up dirt, infections, or anything thats not clean to the surface.

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Does it really work?


is it possible to keep the potato whole night by using band aid


Potatoes or have a lot of starch so it is basically the same effect baking soda would have.


how long would i boil the potato for? a minute?


when u wake up and your done with the potato deep fry it and make french fries So Then They Dont Go To Waste

i hate blackheads!!!!

Lmao, thanks for the laugh, French fries, Pol that is hilarious. I am getting desperate to get rid of my damnable blackheads on my nose though and chin ;(

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