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Tina from Tipton Co. TN

For mouth absesses pure salt will heal it within three days. It will burn though.

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Hello, I tried the salt on my ulcer...and it was gone three days later! It was amazing, because they usually last at least a week. Thanx a lot!!!


dirty fellows !!!! wht a crap remedy is this !!!!!


it's a good remedy.
and perhaps the cheapest.
if you are a wimp who cannot stand pains,
then this remedy isn't for you.


I bet this method wont work on my beasts i had one bout the size of a 5p piece when that went two days later i got one the size of a 1p piece and they hurt like hell, i can hardly speak and when i laugh i feel like cryin, im in agony!


I've tried this remedy, it really works

claire whittle

It hurts but it works. I have not tried any fancy methods but within days of dosing your ulcer with salt it will heal rather than spending weeks and weeks of hopeful oblivion ( You still need a remedy!) Honestly try it, If it doesnt do it for you never do it again....... i bet you will xxxxxxxxx


Do You Gargle with it the sale or just put the salt on your sores?


Do You Gargle with it the salt or just put the salt on your sores?


i had an ulcer next to my tooth and it was rubbing (very sore!), then i tried the toothpaste method which sucked, and didn't work(at all), then out of pure despiration i resorted to the salt method which you have to cover your fingertip in salt and put on ulcer, then keep it in mouth untill it stops burning, and YAY!


This really worked. Thank you. It stung like a motha but shortly afterwards the pain was gone and the next morning, the ulcer was still there but significantly smaller and there was pretty much no pain. It's just such a relief. Thank you!

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