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The juices from the marigold leaves have been used traditionally to treat warts. Apply the juice on the warts two to three times daily. Yes I tried and is cheap and works on most. ACV or TTO are good as already mentioned. A last resort and for those hard to get at places is a mixture called 'Black Salve' down right rip off if you have to buy it and as this is the internet you never know what you get depending where it comes from. Cheap and not to hard to make yourself from the pdf below. Gets sold as a cancer-tumor removal aid but seems to work for warts (can't comment on the tumors etc)

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thanks i went to the link n wrote dwon the ingredients n how to make black salve thanks


bloodroot works great, it even works on melanoma or other skin cancers. I just saw a pic of a lady with bone cancer, her shin almost down by ankle. It's uncurable. She used bloodroot and it drew the cancer out. Bloodroot will permanently remove the HPV warts it says, I believe it. I have the bloodroot ointment, but want to get the extract or tincture also. I want this stuff gone and never, ever come back!

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