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Robert Daniels

Sore throat Remedy. This has worked for me since I was 14 years old. I figured that because listerine kills germs in your mouth, it will kill germs in your throat. I was right. The key is to tackle the sore throat before it gets totally infected. 1/4 cap of listerine is all you need. Swallow. YES I said swallow. The liquid is meant to coat your throat not swallow to get to your stomach. as the liquid goes down try to channel and target the exact area where you are feeling the discomfort. I will guarantee the sore throat or its symptoms will be gone in less than 1/2hr. Everyone I've recommended this to has come back and thanked me!!!!

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Saw this... Thought about it... Read the comments... Epic fail! I notcie a lot of the answers were the same, I see someones been making you're ratings go up! DO NOT TRY THIS!

bad throat

Dear Robert!!!
WOW thanks sooooo much for this remedy!!!!! It worked like a bomb I can swallow again ;)how regularry can I do this?


Omg youre a throtsave r! I work ina call center abd almost called in for work until I came across your post. Thanks a mil


Can it be any kind of mouthwash or does it necessarily have to be Listerine?


Heeey ! It helps, i was scared .I was like 'NUH UH! i am not about to get toxicated by this!' but then i was like 'Whatever' and i tried it. Im excited . I'll be having a good weekend now , thanks.


Omg i just tried this. Instant relief!!!! And i was a little worried about drinkin mouthwash, but i figured a little bit and not too often wouldnt hurt. The only problem: i didnt get all of my throat and i still hav a little more pain but AMAZING REMEDY.


i tried this and i will say i feel a noticable difference butthroat not completely out of pain thank you for the tip though it is helping


I tried this remedy & it cleared up my sore throat immediately. Saved my day and the next!!!thank you, thank you, thank.


I hate sore throats and when I was coming down with one I was so mad and in pain that I didn't want to be messing with people at work since it is retail. But I just barely tried this and I already feel a ton load better. It works way better than halls (what I have been using all day) The only thing I worry about is how long it lasts...hopefully a good while otherwise I will be taking another dose...and if that one don't last long then I guess it is off to another remedy that might help. So far though 8 minutes have gone by and I am still feeling great. Thanks and I hope it lasts

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