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Robert Daniels

Sore throat Remedy. This has worked for me since I was 14 years old. I figured that because listerine kills germs in your mouth, it will kill germs in your throat. I was right. The key is to tackle the sore throat before it gets totally infected. 1/4 cap of listerine is all you need. Swallow. YES I said swallow. The liquid is meant to coat your throat not swallow to get to your stomach. as the liquid goes down try to channel and target the exact area where you are feeling the discomfort. I will guarantee the sore throat or its symptoms will be gone in less than 1/2hr. Everyone I've recommended this to has come back and thanked me!!!!

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i have alcohol free crest and it still seemed to work!


I just tried it with some scope, it tastes about the same as vicks chloreseptic mouth spray, but feels like it works a lot better. I used a bit less than 1/4 cap. The dryness is gone but the painful swallowing is still there. I think it just temporarily numbs it. Basically if you dont have any throat spray or drops this works just as well. Thank you


This remedy definately WORKS!!!!.
Thank you!!!!


THIS WORKS SO WELL!!!instent satisfation thank you so much i hate fealing like sh**

do u swallow it or gargle me with answer plz


Amazing. Just tried it.... It worked! Thanks for sharing!


It works!!!! I was spitting up mucus and spit for like 5 hours today and then i read this and it helped instantly.


This immediately soothed my dry and irritated throat. Thanks so much! I guess I will find out how it is in the morning


As crazy as it sounds, it really works, thank you! Easiest time, I've had swallowing in 2 days!


When the mouth wash hits any part of ur throat it automatically FEELS BETTER! Its freaking wonderful! ^_^ THANKS SO MUCH, AND AS TO YOU OTHER PEOPLE : try this you won't regret it, and you don't have to swallow it if you think it'll make you sick...

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