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Robert Daniels

Sore throat Remedy. This has worked for me since I was 14 years old. I figured that because listerine kills germs in your mouth, it will kill germs in your throat. I was right. The key is to tackle the sore throat before it gets totally infected. 1/4 cap of listerine is all you need. Swallow. YES I said swallow. The liquid is meant to coat your throat not swallow to get to your stomach. as the liquid goes down try to channel and target the exact area where you are feeling the discomfort. I will guarantee the sore throat or its symptoms will be gone in less than 1/2hr. Everyone I've recommended this to has come back and thanked me!!!!

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YAY !!! thank you...though i didnt like choking it down, i feel better.

J. Lynette

I just tried this and I must say THANK YOU because I don't feel like sh*t anymore :-D

relly babyy

it worked in seconds! thanks so much.


I just tried this for my sore throat, and it's
workinq fast . My throat has been killing
me for two days and the listerine has
helped tromendously! Thanks ! (:


Absolutely worked. Made my husband drink it to cure his sore throat. He didn't think it would work, but it did.


Wait a minute, it says NOT to drink Listerine on the warnings!!!!!!!!! WHY would I do this???? I'm really not doing this, but all the comments are making me think i should. What should I do?????


This is absolutely magical, my throat felt better in about 25 min, thank you so very much for sharing this remedy ☜♡☞.


Thanks so much. I gave this a shot and it brought relief instantly, unlike the copious amounts of green tea, pomegranate, lemon tea etc I have been drinking


I'm afraid of drinking


Only danger of drinking Listerine comes when too much is consumed and that is because of the alcohol. The 1/4 is not a cause of concern.

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