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Robert Daniels

Sore throat Remedy. This has worked for me since I was 14 years old. I figured that because listerine kills germs in your mouth, it will kill germs in your throat. I was right. The key is to tackle the sore throat before it gets totally infected. 1/4 cap of listerine is all you need. Swallow. YES I said swallow. The liquid is meant to coat your throat not swallow to get to your stomach. as the liquid goes down try to channel and target the exact area where you are feeling the discomfort. I will guarantee the sore throat or its symptoms will be gone in less than 1/2hr. Everyone I've recommended this to has come back and thanked me!!!!

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I av just used this home remedy as my throat is aching & av tried everything & can't believe how quick I can feel the relief from this, thank u :)


Fantastic! Listerine, who knew : )


what the heck!! when i read your post i thought it sounded crazy, but thought i'd give it a try, boyfriend is coming home from training soon and we're celebrating his birthday....i was totally bummed when i woke up with a sore are my life saver!! i can't thank you enough....this is amazing :)


Thanks for sharing! My pain was gone almost immediately. I, too, am just hoping it will last for a while.


I had a sore throat then it went away now tonight its back. I just did the remedy and it works however it says do not swallow on the bottle. Hope I dont get sick!


worked awesome never thought of this before.


I just tried this myself. Since Friday I haven't been feeling myself went to an Urgent Care Center and they told me I had the flu, but my sore throat has basically stuck with me since Friday. Now after using Listerine and SWALLOWING I basically have no more pain..Great advice

Yes swallowing does sound NASTY but it REALLY WORKS


just tried it, my throat does feel better now, still a little worried it won't go away though. I guess it's better than nothing.


This actually works. I just woke up a sore throat and wasn't letting this ruin my day. It feels very odd at first, but my throat is already less soar!


Coats it..but no long term effect.

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