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I have a lot of plantars on my left foot, I was advised to try the tape method, but I couldn't get it to stay on. Then I had an idea, to super glue the tape into place. I know it sounds crazy but super glue isn't harmful to skin, in fact doctors use it to glue wounds together sometimes. I tore the tape into small squares and glued them over two 'clusters' I have. After about two or three days the tape pieces fall off, normally after a shower, and I then pared back the dead skin and replaced the glue and tape. After two weeks I took the tape off and let them dry out, it looks like they have died, I have no pain from them any more, and the whole process was compleatly mess and pain free. One word of warning, don't put socks on until the glue has dried or you'll glue your socks to your feet!

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Super glue from the store is NOT the same 'super glue' used by a physician. While many claim it to be--it is not the same.


I have had a planters wart for abt a month. I had an idea to use boil ease. since it slowly takes the skin off I'm hping it will work... I did act have a boil and it wrks very fast peeling the layers of skin off. just a thought. :)

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