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Bill Clinton

Easy cure: Get some cotton balls, apple cider vinegar, athletic tape. Tear off enough cottom ball to cover the nail you want cured. Dip the cotton ball into the apple cider vinegar until it's saturated. Place the saturated cotton ball over the area you need fixed and tape it in place with the athletic tape. Your nail will get soft after the aplication so use a nail file to scrape off soft nail. Do this in the morning and before bed for as long as you need. Be vigilant and the infection will go away soon. Just make sure you file off the dead nail as you go and you'll be clear in no time depending on the infection.

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I've been doing this and putting tea tree oil on the nail in between and within a week my nail looks good enough to wear sandals - the fungus hasn't gone completely yet but I think it will eventually


It is easy to protect yourself from the toe nail fungus infection with the help of some of the precaution methods and cleanliness habits of your feet. Wash your feet twice a day and use clean shoes and shocks. Don't share your shoes and shocks with anyone and use anti-fungus powders to remove any kind of infection from your shoes. if infected consult your doctor immediately.


VINAGER is how i got toenail be careful with soaking and leaving anything wet on nail.I had a blister on toe and i heard to soak in vinegar so i did one better and soak cotton balls with solution and bandage 2 nail,and in 1 month i still had blister and now also fungus growing on the nail.So do not leave anything wet on nail for 2 long.


I did not try this but I did something similar -- I filed the surface of the problem nail with a standard abrasive cardboard nailfile (buy a package of them for $2). When the entire surface of the nail has been filed thin the medication (whatever you use. I used medicated anti-fungus drops) can more easily soak in to reach the fungus which is under the nail.

Steve R

I read through most of these and decided to file my two big toe nails down, soak white vinegar onto tissue and rub over the nails, put a few drops of white iodine on the nails, expecially the ends, then cover in vicks vapor rub to seal in the above two to keep them from drying. I assume vaseline petroleum jelly would also have worked just as well to seal in the 1st two.


I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably. Works the same as the balloon usage or taping or using a bandaid, but perhaps more easily applied.

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