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my kids had a bad case of bronchitis last spring, so bad my daughter was sent home because her persistent cough was distracting. so i bought some chai tea and sweetened it up with some honey and they drank some twice a day. their coughs were much better the next day and completely cleared up in 3 days. make sure the chai tea has these three ingredients.
ginger, cinnamon and clove. these are the main ingredients that cure bronchitis. if you an adult it may take a bit longer as my wife, using the same method, took a week to completely clear.
If bronchitis is really bad or for an adult use a tincture of ginger cinnamon and clove. heres that recipe.
1/2t of each ginger, cinnamon, and ground clove. 2 cups water. boil water and mix in ingredients, stir until thoroughly mixed. the tincture will remain cloudy with sediment. sweeten with honey if desired. this is strong medicine for bronchitis.

now whenever the kids get a slight cough we go to the chai and it never even gets started!

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I am trying this remedy for my husband who has had the cough for almost a month. Thank you for your help. It sounds like a great idea!!


I read the post on Chai Tea for bronchitis. Here's my story. I battled it for 3-4 months and used essential oils which kept it fairly mild but did not get rid of it. I went to doctors and got meds which cleared it up. Two weeks later I am getting bronchitis again from allergies. I found this blog and bought two types of Chai Tea. One had pepper and the other all spice. Both had cinnamon, ginger and clove in them. I used the one with pepper the first day. One cup in AM and one in PM. It's a bit too spicy but I gagged it down. Second cup was a bit better after I added more honey. I woke up on Day 2 feeling a bit better. Chest congestion was less but still had headache. So, on Day 2 I drank two cups of the one with allspice with honey. Much better. I slept like a baby that night. Barely coughed at night and woke on Day 3 with minor chest congestion, no headache and felt MUCH better! The bronchitis is probably 98-99\% gone. I'll drink the tea for another day or two just to make sure the bronchitis has totally cleared up plus I really like it! A little note about myself - I am 52, a non-smoker, with seasonal allergies that have been really bad this spring. I have gotten bronchitis in the past but not as bad as this year and maybe it's age but I could not get rid of it without medications like I could when I was younger. So, I am keeping Chai Tea on hand from now on. Thank you to the person who originally posted this several years ago!


T is for teaspoon. I would get fresh items of each, not powder. Fresh ginger root,fresh cloves and cinnamon. It can be taken even when well as preventative measure.

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