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my kids had a bad case of bronchitis last spring, so bad my daughter was sent home because her persistent cough was distracting. so i bought some chai tea and sweetened it up with some honey and they drank some twice a day. their coughs were much better the next day and completely cleared up in 3 days. make sure the chai tea has these three ingredients.
ginger, cinnamon and clove. these are the main ingredients that cure bronchitis. if you an adult it may take a bit longer as my wife, using the same method, took a week to completely clear.
If bronchitis is really bad or for an adult use a tincture of ginger cinnamon and clove. heres that recipe.
1/2t of each ginger, cinnamon, and ground clove. 2 cups water. boil water and mix in ingredients, stir until thoroughly mixed. the tincture will remain cloudy with sediment. sweeten with honey if desired. this is strong medicine for bronchitis.

now whenever the kids get a slight cough we go to the chai and it never even gets started!

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I had an 'incurable' case of bronchitis and finally tried the cinnamon, ginger, clove tea with honey. Amazing! 3 days, and I was healing right up. That's really tough to get rid of and it'll hang on for months if you don't do something.


I had really bad one and my father is from Puerto Rico and he told boiled water with a piece of purple onion,a piece of garlic,and one clove and a bit of lemon and sweetend it with honey and drink it.I hate tea but it work.


have had bronchitis for 3 months. am going to try these home remedies starting tomorrow. will let u know results (if I can find this site again)


Sounds quite convincing. I am going to try this very night


Had bronchitis for over a month now going to the store first thing in the am to get thus tea honey ginger clover cinnamon combination


Does t = teaspoon or tablespoon?


AMAZING!!!! I was very sick this past week and was not getting any relief with reg cough med. I made this 'tea' last night and slept through the night with out a cough! I drank another cup this morning, and hoping for the same results today! Thank you for this wonderful advice. Just one question.. how many days should I contiue this??


Have been sick with bronchitis for six days tried this mixture this morning and already see a difference in how I feel.


The ingredients for the cinnamon, ginger,ground clove are they all ground?????


I have neen fighting bronchitis yearly for a few years now. I am going to start with the chai tea tonight. I will let everyone know how it goes.

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