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First I want to say thankyou to everybody that made a post on here b.c yall really helped me out.

I'm a 21y/o male an for the most I have protected sex but I've slipped up a couple times. Anyway id notice 2 small bumps along my 'happy trail' about 3 months ago but I didn't really pay attention until my groin started to itch more than usual an upon further I inspection I saw a couple more bigger bumps. So immediately I panic an started searching the internet for help.

I came across this site an it helped me out a lot. I was a lil skeptical about acv at first but I said wat hell an tried it. So I shave all my pubic hairs off an applied the acv to the areas an it burned like hell but the next day they started to turn white. But I still had a couple stubborn warts, so I decided to make a paste. I basically crushed up 500mg vitamin c pills an mixed with the acv.

Wow, it burned a little but was very pleased with the results this was just yesterday an the warts are already getting smaller an some even turning black.

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'Happy Trail!' Lol! Cute!

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