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I've heard that wet teabags work really well. A friend of my mom's suffered with multiple cankers in his mouth. He would have to take off work and sit in a chair all day with teabags in his mouth. That is what his doctor told him to do.

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bahaha he got t-bagged


my husband suffers from multiple sores at one time & i took the tea bag remedy 1 step further & used Green Tea!. steep it in hot water (not boiling) and he would used it on the sore about 3 min at at time re wetting it in between for about 20 min. he did this 4 times a day & he said this gsve him more relief then salt water & even oragel.


I tried this my grandma gave me tea bags and wow this it really works.Im 11 yrs old and it made a big difference.It taste bad but its worth it.......:] ;}

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