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for RLS, put a bar of soap between your sheets. it works for leg cramps and RLS. I didn't believe it but figured what could it possibly hurt? Has worked for me for 6 months. Doesn't matter what kind of soap although Dove and Dial seem to be the most popular, wrapped or unwrapped. Doesn't matter.
I wish you all the same good luck I have had.

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What do you mean put it in between your sheets. Can you explain where at please.. :)


Yes ,, same as the first comment !!!! Where ole where do you put it ???? PLEASE ...... Restless in WV


I've tried the bar of soap, which I placed near the foot of the bed, without any relief. If it works for others, that's wonderful.


can you tell me more about the soap

RLS too

This is some loser sending those of us struggling with RLS on a goose chase. Jerk.


i actually read this in a magazine a few weeks ago myself, so i tried it, but it wasn't between the sheets,it was between the knees or ankles, and the soap needed to be unwrapped, touching the skin. so after tossing and turning like crazy, i thought what the heck, if it works i'm willing. i layed on my side with the soap between my knees, and felt it working pretty quickly.

desperate in carolina

my rls gets so bad i just lay in bed and cry.. i have suffered from it for years and it is now to the point that my legs and arms and back and stomach muscles jump.. even my head jerks now.. i wake up in the morning hurting so bad because my muscles are worn out from the jumping and jerking. I have been on several meds which all help in the beginning then slowly stop.. If anyone has any advice please send my way..


The soap works! My dad told me to try it and I rolled my eyes! But one night I was desperate. SO, I unwrapped the new bar of soap and rested it on my thigh. It really worked! I couldn'r believe it!

B. Baxter Matheny

I don't know about placing a bar of soap between your sheets or on your leg to fight RLS, but I have heard that throwing one in a swimming pool is how you get certain disgusting people outta there!


I have suffered from rls since I was young, like many people. On Mirapex for many years with increasing doses, then, Requip, again, increasing doses. Tried the soap thing at the foot of my bed under the top sheet. Seemed to work for several months. (Still taking Requip, but it didn't always control it.). Then, quit working. Seemed crazy anyway. The rls definitely gets worse with age. I'm 55 and looking for an alternative to increasing doses of Requip. May try the mag. citrate someone else recommended.

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