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Up until about 20 minutes ago, I had been struggling to kill off a humdinger of a yeast infection for a week. It was caused by Penicillin v potassium prescribed by my oral surgeon ( I had surgery on my jaw a week and a half ago). Anyway, the itchy began on Tues and the OTC YI meds just toned it down on Wens enough for me to sleep and by today (Friday), the infection was so bad my thighs hurt. First, I called my nurse practitioner and she said to try Diaper Ointment with Boric Acid and Zinc. I couldn't believe it -- I painfully waddled to the kids bathroom, got out my trusty Boudreaux's Butt Paste, that I've used on my kid's butt for 3 years (Boric acid and zinc). Second, I called my grandmother who was a nurse practitioner -- said said swab the inner walls with Hydrogen Peroxide with sterile gauze. It will burn, but just for a few seconds. It is worth it. The peroxide is a quick kill.
Lastly, I called my mom, who is a total hippie and she said eat a king's ransom in garlic and plain active culture yogurt for the next three days. So, 1. I swabbed with peroxide, thoroughly. Just short of soaking myself in it. I also swabbed around the inner thigh and buttocks with a different sterile gauze. I used about seven gauze packages and washed my hands after each. I let my self to the 'Ouch Ouch Ouch' drying dance, telling myself 'Suck it up, Woman!'. Then I took the tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste and slathered myself in it, and inserting just enough inside to ward off demons. Lastly, I am having chopped garlic in butter over penne tonight, with a side of thyme and garlic tea and a cup of thick plain greek 100% organic yogurt.

As far as the Butt Paste... It's like someone put out a 5 alarm fire in my nether regions. All it took was 5 minutes.


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Oh thank gosh I found your comment just in the nick of time! I didn't have peroxide but had the butt paste and it's been two min. and I'm already feeling a bit better since the burning is going down a bit! Holy hell this is the worst pain ever, I will do anything in my power to not get another one of these yeast infections I'm heading downstairs to eat some garlic and tomorrow I'm headed to buy some plain yogurt !! Thanks again


Your comment helped greatly! I used the peroxide to clean and wipe around. I air dried then I put the butt pase cream and I feel soo much better that that ointment that they give you in some of those 3 day combo packs. This was a god send that you so much for posting these remidies. I also bought acidopholis to take.


I'm in tears... it burns/itches sooooo badly.. Gonna try my kids butt paste now.. Thx for all the advice!


Buttpaste works!!! Takes the itch/sting away!!


Im definitely going to try the butt paste - I didn't even think of that - but your post definitely provided some comic relief - Im literally crying from laughing so hard - better than crying from pain which I was doing a few hours ago! Hoping some of this helps!


ive been dealing with yeast infections for about a year now. its just miserable. i hope this works for me. ive tried so many over the counters and it just seems like they take forever to cure it. well im gonna try it asap. thank you hope it helps me out.

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