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If you experience abnormal lower back pain that intensifies on definitely have a BAD KIDNEY ISSUE....i recommend one of the remedy submitted earlier....1/2 tbspoon of baking soda in 8 oz(1 glass of water) atleast thrice a day!(tastes crap but exteremely effective!!)..........just keep on drinking water all day....seriously drink until u urinate...and thenn drink again........use conc,lemon water for faster effects...............
you follow this and i bet you will be fine in max three days as if nothin ever happened to you!!!
P.S: experienced it personally!!

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Baking Soda is a natural laxative and starts working almost the second you take it. If you use this method, be warned that you will have to go to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY. I tried this and so far it has done nothing to get rid of my kidney stones. Good luck.


I use baking soda to cure my gout, it has NEVER made me have to run the the bathroom..

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