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I have ears that have been clogged since 2008. I looked at this site and the remedies here didn't really help me. my clogged ears have only drained when i drank hot tea.Peppermint tea is the best to help with this but any type of tea will work.

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I'm with you! None of this crap works for mucus in MIDDLE EAR. I have had this since 2006! I got a double ear infection from a scuba class because I had a cold and coughed under water, pushing water into my middle ears. After year 2 I stopped going to ents. They are all nasal spray salesmen. I either have glue ear or just mucus in the middle ea that will never come out. I have read the new thing is vegf inhibitors for glue ear. Because I can't get a prescription I'm trying grape seed extract. I'm on day 4 and isn't working yet. Good luck. I know your pain.

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