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Guys! Acne is best treated internally not cosmetically! Highly processed foods full of oil, sugar and preservatives are THE REAL CAUSE of acne. Eat Organic foods only like fresh meat, veg, fruit and take a vitamin A and Zinc supplement. Drink plenty of water and limit sodas/soft drinks/dairy and white bread.. Skin will get slightly worse for the first couple of days as your blood de-toxifies but you will see HUGE improvements in skin and general health within a couple of weeks. JUST TAKES DISCIPLINE and it worked for me. Good luck

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While my son was at his fathes over te summer his face broke out horible!!! They are all organic an vegan vegearians. So I don't believe thatorganic helps. Once he was home and started back on hi regular diet along with wshing etc his face got better. Acne asn't gone and still isn't that is why I am on this site, but compared to what it was after 2 months of being an organic vegan his face looks tremendously btter.

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