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Guys! Acne is best treated internally not cosmetically! Highly processed foods full of oil, sugar and preservatives are THE REAL CAUSE of acne. Eat Organic foods only like fresh meat, veg, fruit and take a vitamin A and Zinc supplement. Drink plenty of water and limit sodas/soft drinks/dairy and white bread.. Skin will get slightly worse for the first couple of days as your blood de-toxifies but you will see HUGE improvements in skin and general health within a couple of weeks. JUST TAKES DISCIPLINE and it worked for me. Good luck

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Not necessarily true. For health reasons, I was put on a low GI diet. These same health reasons are what cause my acne and the diet hasn't helped. Some times, it is purely what it is.


yeah i eat a generally healthy diet and my acne is still bad. i didnt have it as a teenager (just a couple pimples here and there) but now they are flaring up. i've tried everything but nothin seems to help.


THIS IS NOT A PROVEN FACT WHATSOEVER. Acne is hormonal it has nothing to do with the food you eat.


acne's been around since before processed foods were invented and unhealthy foods became cheap and available


i agree with the others... I eat a very healthy well balanced diet have done all my life and never had a problem with acne... just recently i have had outbreaks on my back and upper arms which i have never had EVER! Hormones play a huge role aswell!! So some contraceptives can cause this aswell!!!


Everything truly plays a part in skin problems! Yes, it is correct that if you drink the recommended amount of water a day your acne will improve due to your skin being hydrated but if your someone that already consumed 6-8 glasses a day you wont see a improvement because your body is already used to it (natural habit). Also, sometimes those yummy deep fried fries do play a part, but that is only for some people. Just like some people can enjoy fries everyday and not gain a pound. We are all different!


That is not true the fact that greasy foods give you acne is a myth the reason you might think that organic is better because you are probably getting the nutrients you need. SO you dont have to go organic just try to get as many vitamins as you can. Sometimes your face breaks out when you are lacking vitamins so take a multi-vitamin everyday. Drink plenty of water.


Your advice has really helped. Although everyones body is different, this seems to my step up in the healing process. along with dabbing toothepaste on zits all day. also not touchinng my face,keeping hair away from face and changing pillow cases

been there done that

this post is so true. refined sugar and carbs cause insulin spikes, and insulin like growth in your blood. this causes excess male hormones which cause pores to secrete sebum, which attracts bacteria to cause acne. so white bread, cereal,pasta, candy will do it. PROVEN


There is a critical shortage of inforamivte articles like this.

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