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When my cat had kittens the vet told me I was unable to treat her or the house for fleas-this was in the middle of the flea season. Surprise, surprise fleas EVERYWHERE! My daughter sleeps with her lamp on all night, when I went for her change of clothes, I noticed the little worms all over her lamp and dresser. I poured some Dawn dish detergent into a spray bottle with warm water and sprayed it everywhere. You could see the worms shriveling up and dying. This was a half an hour ago, and I haven't noticed a flea around me yet, when I would normally be attacked. Advantage and flea collars do not work for my cats(also have two pet rats-no flea medication for them!), anyone have any idea what else I can try for the cats, or even on the rats? I have used Dawn, flea shampoo, goats milk soap(baby kind-repels the fleas but doesn't kill them), I'll take any hints!

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cocunut oil works too. dab it on its back. I use it on my dog when he has open sores and dry skin.

Just lil ol me)

I really had to comment on the post of person is a oh I'm so above all u dirty people! Guess what animals get fleas and bring inside along with us on our shoes pants ect.. I love home remedies! Stay off sight if u dont like what down to earth normal society likes to share! Just saying!!!

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