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When my cat had kittens the vet told me I was unable to treat her or the house for fleas-this was in the middle of the flea season. Surprise, surprise fleas EVERYWHERE! My daughter sleeps with her lamp on all night, when I went for her change of clothes, I noticed the little worms all over her lamp and dresser. I poured some Dawn dish detergent into a spray bottle with warm water and sprayed it everywhere. You could see the worms shriveling up and dying. This was a half an hour ago, and I haven't noticed a flea around me yet, when I would normally be attacked. Advantage and flea collars do not work for my cats(also have two pet rats-no flea medication for them!), anyone have any idea what else I can try for the cats, or even on the rats? I have used Dawn, flea shampoo, goats milk soap(baby kind-repels the fleas but doesn't kill them), I'll take any hints!

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This won't get rid of all the fleas by any means, but it will keep the number down a bit. Place a fairly large bowl of soapy water (dish soap) under a lamp at night. The fleas will jump towards the light, as funny as it sounds, and into the bowl of soapy water. They cannot jump out and they drown. Try it, you'll be amazed!


you should be using borax. Look up: flea removal with borax. Worked for me. Or try salt though i think it would not work as well as borax.


Vacuum your whole house, then take the bag out of your house. Do this every day. It should help immediately - but with every time you do it, it will help more. Fleas lay eggs and you have to keep vacuuming them up until they are done laying eggs and hatching. It may take a week. Do all of the other things too. But make sure that when you vacuum - you take the stuff you have vacuumed out of your house. Throw the bag away each time - otherwise, you're bringing them right back into your house. If you have a bag-less vacuum cleaner, you must empty it (outside) right after you vacuum. Clean the vacuum cleaner before bringing it back in. It's not easy getting rid of the fleas. I know. I've had this problem before. If you sprinkle borax on your carpet before you vacuum, that will also help. The nice thing is that this is the time of year that fleas start to die off anyway. That will make it easier to get rid of them.

Pine Sol (Original) the cleaner. you can dilute with water or use straight. itsafe on all animals to bath even 3 day old kitten but no sooner. add to linen was or just spray everything. most ot time kills on contact, but avoid if you have roaches cause of pine oil in it attracks roached also kill bees and wasp, flys and ticks


Apple cider Vinegar. wash animal with your favorite soap rinse in 1/4 vinegar to one water. no fleas. I spray the beds and the fur of my barn animals with a stronger mix twice a year, spring and fall. fleas are no longer a problem.

Rachael P

Hello! Oh gosh I only hope i'm not too late! As a fellow rat and cat lover (I've had 2 cats and 14 rats) the best remedy for fleas in both animals is selamectin (under the brand name Revolution). The one you get for cats can be used in divided doses on the rats, so you can just pick up an extra tube. Though you do need to get it from a vet, it is incredibly safe and treats fleas, roundworms, tapeworms, mites, ticks, etc. It's the most amazing thing I've found. In 36 hours they are clean and protected for a month in cats and longer in rats, enough time to treat the infestation in the home.

shanna page

To the person whom felt the need to assault everyone with the nasty tongue....calling people dirty is inappropriate and a very uneducated choice of words. Advantage is a pesticide and can harm your animal. Regular vet visits are great but not everyone can do this. Some people w/full time jobs,children do not have that luxury. There is no harm in vinegar but why don't you look up the side effects of meds for parasites


I have had dogs for years and I never buy any flea meds. I take garlic powder and sprinkle some on the food every day. Fleas hate the taste.


Try malawash, did the job on my two cats and dog and now flea free for 6 months. It also kills mites.


You shouldn't feed your dog garlic. Especially on a regular basis. It's not good for them. Try a bandanna with a few drops of cedar oil along with the bathing and vacuuming.
And fleas do not equal a dirty pet in all cases. It's ignorant to say that. It could be the area and the season. If your pet gets a flea or two you can have a lot very fast, long before the animal looks dirty. They can even live through baths, especially if you don't realize they're there or you don't use the right soap.

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