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I found a few spots of ringworm on my leg and one on my hand. I used 100% Tea Tree Oil from Walmart (recommended from this site). It cleared my ringworm in 3 days. I did keep using it for another week to be safe. No further signs of ringworm. I washed my clothing with detergent and added lysol because I couldn't find and antifungal detergent. I got the ringworm from some foster kittens. Please Do Not try Tea Trea Oil on cats. I checked with the animal ER to see if I could use it on them. The oil is toxic to cats (despite what I found on line). Great for humans, though. My treatment was simple, quick, cheap and effective. Good luck.

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what did you use on the kitten? i have a foster kitten that has it and i knew out tea tree oil

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