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so ive been reading this forum for a few days now and just been a little iffy posting my own problems but maybe my few thoughts will help someone else out a bit.. i dont know where i got gw or when spending alot of time at the street races with a loud fast car gets alot of attention from the girls i guess.. this site is a blessing for me since im a very nervous person and tend to shy away from the dr as much as i can.. ive had a cluster of gws on the left side of my shaft and also where the shaft meets my stomache for a while now and i recently(4 days ago) started with a acv and table salt paste type set up but it dries and crumbles too fast to to do any damage to the warts and fyi getting acv one ur testicles burns like hell.. tonight i bought (this is my little bit of help) tape called 'tender tape'(amazing suff) doesnt stick to skin or hair and holds a acv soaked cotton ball firmly in place(find it in any pharmacy section of any grocery store where the ace bandages and band aids are) after only 2 hours (no burning) the warts are white and some a black.. im going to continue this til there all gone. thanks again to everyone who posts.. gave me the courage to post and i can confidently go back to the street races and take money from hondas and take a hot chick home hahaha.

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Don't pass on GW by still sleeping with people. Not cool, man. Suck it up and go to a health clinic or you could have some serious damage to your body. With women, and they can get it by you getting it on with them, it can lead to cervical cancer and/or make her infertile. Do you want to risk that? **** happens, so just take care of it and do it properly.


thank u for ur concern and im not openly sleeping with anyone while knowing i have it and in no way am i careless with the virus... i actually had to go to a dr for my 2 year CDL check up and physical and told the dr about my problem and what i had been doing to solve it prior to him checking for hernia... he said im doing everything right and just stick with it... actually havent been with anyone since i noticed the gw's.. that kind of talk is more of a way for me to lighten up my mood since im not fond of talking about it in the first place.. sorry to sound like a douche


You all should still visit your doctors,because unprotected sex can transmit genital warts and other diseases

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