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So I've been having a really bad toothache since last night...I ate some chocolate chips cookies,which I should have known better since I have bad teeth but I'm pregnant so I have certain cravings...Anyway about an hour after eating the cookies I started noticing a minor toothache,which is what I thought it was going to be at first...Oh no it was just getting started,so let's just say a few minutes later I was in so much pain I could barely stand it...Hell I'm still in pain and I'm hoping I can find something that will relieve the pain...This is what I have tried:

Extra Strength Tylenol: Took 3 and didn't work

Salt Water Rinse: Didn't work

Baking Soda Rinse: Didn't Work

Brushing with Sensodyne: use to work but not this time

Peanut Butter: Provided some relief for a few seconds then pain came back

Onion: Didn't work

Sucking on a popsicle: didn't work

Drinking cold water and milk: provided relief for a minute or two then pain returned

Ice Pack: this is the best thing so far...It hasn't made the pain completely go away but its helping more than anything else

I wish I could go to the dentist but most dentist won't take the Medicaid card for pregnant women because they cannot put you under...All they can do is provide a local anesthetic which numbs the area they are working on...It's stupid because I live in Louisiana and there are not many places you can go to...I'm at my wits end I am almost tempted to pull that b!tch out myself

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I had the exact same problem while I was pregnant and now that I've had my daughter I'm too stubborn to go and get my root canal like I should.

My pain is so bad it bothers my ear. I take 4 Advil just about every 4 hours and that seems to help. Have your dentist call you in some penicillan (sp) that will kill the infection if its a cavity.

Try to alternate between hot and cold since your using an ice pack, (that will bruise your face) my heating pad worked wonders for me.

Hope this helps!!!


i went to the emergency room for a bad tooth ache after three days of sleep deprivation from the pain.
i have no insurance.
they gave me a couple of injections into the back of my mouth (which didnt really hurt to be honest) then painkillers and antibiotics.
i went home paying nothing to them and got a prescription for:
ibuprofen (for swelling - 600mg/6hr) but i had this at home...
acetaminophen with coding (painkillers, dont go over 4000mg of ace/24hrs)...
and a penicillin knock off (for the infection aka abscess)
costing me 26$ at a 24hr walgreens pharmacy.
the ER bill came a week later and is a grand total of 60$ to be paid in 1month for a discount or call for payment options

if the pain is lasting and too much go to the ER.


$86.00 total for the nightmare to cease isnt too bad. (the tooth is still going to be open to further issues but trust me your worth the money)

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