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Want to dry up and heal a cold sore? Dab rubbing alcohol on it several times a day.This stings a bit for a few seconds...but works like a charm!

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This really works.I also use the rubbing alcohol method for cold sores.


to eliminate a cold sore when u feel it coming moisten the end of a match and put directly on cold sore hold for a while.


i also use this method, but the only bad thing is if you dont catch it early enough it dont work as well, at least not for me. i have also learned if you use the colored kind like the greenish color it seems to make mine spread.


Definately Alcohol.
2 days you already have a scab, 3 days... gone. It stings like a B*&^% but alittle sting is better than weeks of ugliness.


I use Purrell or any alcohol based hand sanitizer as soon as I feel one coming dries them out very quicky.


The use of alcohol works, I tried using purell last winter but it seemed like it made it spread?!


i used this when i had a medium sized coldsore and it burned like crazy..a few hours later it was WAY bigger and the next day was double the size..i dont recommend this method from personal experience!


I get cold sores all the time since I was 8yrs old. But I get them under my eyes or in between my eyes!! absolutlyu terrible. Rubbing alcohol is ok for me it dries it out but does not speed the healing..I use it as soon as I feel it coming but it always gets bigger and runs its natural its hard to dries it out but it still takes forever!


I have tried alcohol and aftershave (alcohol based). They all seem to have similar effects but as another user mentioned above, it will not keep it from spreading. If the virus is still working alcohol will not make it stop. It does a good job drying it and it starts healing once it is dried, so in a way it will help healing the sore faster.


works great... i just put it on and i cant feel the pain and i u can barely see it and it was only on like the first try... i defintely recommend... at first i didnt want to try it cus i thought it would get worse but it didnt... it stings at first but ull get used to it and it will b gone in no time...

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