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This tastes bad, but the combo works. I haven't been brave enough to try it with oil extracts, but dried ingredients seem to work. In a thin-as-you-can-get coffee filter, combine dried crushed garlic, mint, cloves. Make small packets and tie them off with thread. Put as close to infected tooth as possible and hold it against infected area with cheek and tongue. It takes a while, but garlic is a natural antibiotic, mint a mild painkiller, and cloves just really seem to help with nerve sensitivity. After two hours, switch out for fresh packet. Unless your stomach is iron, do not swallow juices. It took two days for me, but the abscess was drawn out and the dentist flat told me it was the antibiotics. I showed him the full bottle and he shut up. It takes an hour sometimes more to start taking the pain down, but it works. If you are brave, try it with oil extracts of these ingredients, but don't swallow the juices. makes you queasy.

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