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trying to work out a signature name on here, kinda funny, I think I signed differently a couple times, I think I can remeber FYI, so I'll just use that.
..just wanted to educate and share some info here...

when you are researching hpv you may stumble across some sites that say it can't be 'cured' and some say it can, for those interested I thought I'd clear that up...
1. hpv is a local topical infection, it isn't running throughout your body, it is where it is, and where you touch it to...ok?
2. you clear up the infected place(s) and you 'could' say you are 'cured' and you 'might' be cured...trouble is...
3. hpv is a virus...teeny 'could'(and most people do) have one infected little cell or so that might not be active, this is how you have another outbreak in 6months or whenever.(this is also why some say it isn't 'curable', there is no way to know if it is all gone or not)

so to be on the safe side you call it incurable since you cannot prove that it is all gone, but really it is able to be cured and NO ONE can ever PROVE it. there is NO WAY to check each and every cell...
..don't let this bother you, nothing has changed, hpv is still hpv, you just know a little more about it now...

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bloodroot will draw it all out and 'cure' it for good. It's cured people of various types of cancer, not just skin cancer. I saw a pic of a lady with sarcoma, uncurable bone cancer near her ankle. It was black and horrid looking, and left a huge hole, but it saved her life. Also saw a lady with breast cancer, it drew it out. Another one was a spleen cancerous tumor, it was rubbed on outside of skin and taken internally, and the person was cured. It will draw all the roots out. I forgot I had it, I'm going to use it since ACV burned me so bad I'm in agony.

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