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I was diagnosed with GH in 2008 only a few months after I had my son. My husband, a United States soldier was unfaithful and passed it along to me. We are now divorced as he claims it wasn't him) and have 3 beautiful children together. I came across this website and am so thankful that I did. :) For the past 3 years I've lived in denial thinking how could this happen to me, I was faithful to my husband, why me, what did I do wrong, etc. I was heartbroken when the nurse called me and said 'I'm so sorry sweetheart but your results are positive.' My Mom is my best friend and I didnt tell her until about a month ago. I was ashamed to openly talk about it. I'm trying out a remedy that I'm praying will ease some of my pain, as I have an outbreak due to an increase amount of stress along with my period. I just wanted to thank everyone for letting me see that it's okay to have GH and that life can go on happily. I'll keep you guys posted, I'm trying the epsom salt bath & aloe vera. Blessings to all of you and thank you again!

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Response to lady whose military husband said he didn't cheat. Maybe there were other reasons for the devorce, but its quite possible he didn't cheat. Unless you both were virgins and never had unprotected (protective sex isn't 100%)before, one can be a carrier and never know it (ie you could have previously had it and passed it to him) or vise versa. Not to dissmis your claims he was unfaithful, maybe the divorce was justified, but its possible he or you already had it (unless you were both virgins and only ever partnered with each other).


It is possible in some cases but in mine it was not. I had proof to show that infact he was. I wish it hadn't been so but unfortunately things like that happen. I completely understand your view though:)


Your story could almost be my own!However, I did choose to stay! He still swears it wasn't him and I have researched HIGH and LOW and the common thought is they just don't know how long it can lay dormant, however I showed symptoms EXACTLY 10 days after we had sex! Let me know if the remedy works! Apparantly according to the CDC 1 in 6 people have it KNOWINGLY, and that does not include the ones who don't know! I don't understand that if it's the same virus per say as shingles and chickenpox and there is a shot for prevention of that, why there isn't one for herpes!


Infection can be passed from other modes also
#. Like use of Toilet-Papers, Or
#. May be you have used public Insanitary condition Pot which are of always in Bad condition due to Excessive use of public pots.


The remedy worked very well. It started helping almost immediately! :) Unfortunately there is not a shot to cure it or prevent it, but I've found that groups and websites like this definitely help us manage this virus. Never give up hope we can live life normally! Best wishes!


herpes can Not be passed from toilet paper or toilet seats....


Contracted in 1974. Was dormant for almost 2 decades but suddenly experienced outbreaks, some linked to foods, such as peanuts. I started herbal treatment for enlarged prostate, a side effect of allergy medications that also have eliminated outbreaks. Once a day 450mg saw palmetto, 100 mg pygeum & 3 tabs of papaya papain. Give it 3-4 months for full relief.

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