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For heartburn drink a teaspoon of vinegar.It is beacause you dont have enough acid in your stomach to digest food properly,thus gasses come back up and burn you.Antacids do just what they say,they get rid of all the acid then your body says whoa!,there's no acid,quick,lets produce some.Then your heartburn goes away.Try it!

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Yes this does work! I put Apple Cider Vinegar in apple juice so it doesn't taste as nasty...been doing it for a couple years.


Wow it does work. Only had white vinegar in the house took a couple sips and am already feeling better. I usually just use baking soda and water but was out of baking soda tonight. Burns a bit and tastes like crap but worked, now time to try to get back to bed and get some sleep.


I drank the Apple Cider Vinegar about 1/2 hour ago. It burns and it really doesn't taste good. Didn't take it totally away but it helped alot!! the only problem is my stomach is a little upset. I will use it again.


this remedy can suck my balls


I've been reading that heartburn and acid re-flux can be caused by EITHER TOO MUCH stomach acid or NOT ENOUGH which may explain why the vinegar works with some and not for others. If you have a low acid stomach issue, its logical that the vinegar would help with a low acid issue.

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