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For heartburn drink a teaspoon of vinegar.It is beacause you dont have enough acid in your stomach to digest food properly,thus gasses come back up and burn you.Antacids do just what they say,they get rid of all the acid then your body says whoa!,there's no acid,quick,lets produce some.Then your heartburn goes away.Try it!

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Hi, It works for me, but it is important to use raw apple cider vinegar and the regular store bought vinegar can actually cause indigestion, or so they say.


I have a bad case of reflux disease and I have tablets I have to take everyday that are very costly. When I heard about this on the TV about a year ago I started trying it only 1 tbsp of white vinegar (one pkg at resturants = 1 tbsp) and my heartburn would be gone, I haven't had to take my prescription since I started doing this treatment. Now I did hear it can have the opposite effect if it doesn't work it means you have too much acid already, if it does work great that means you don't have enough... I swear by this stuff I rather have a burning feeling as it goes down then suffer with heartburn for hours..... They do say though that Apple Cider Vinegar is much healthier. I still take normal vin though because it is something I always have in the house. Next time you are at a resturant grab a handful of the pkges and keep them on hand when you are away from home shopping or at work they are perfect....


wow, when i read that doing the vinegar burned i thought it was an exaggeration. it certainly does burn and warms the chest up, took everything i had in me not 2 vomit drinking the last of it down. hate 2 take those chalky type meds u can buy over the counter, so have tried that. hope it does work, because if not i will have do do something.


I am a serious heartburn/reflux sufferer and this remedy did not do anything for me. Actually seemed to make it worse.

Utah Yogini

It's true that some heartburn/acid reflux is caused by a lack of stomach acid. That's why the apple cide vinegar tip offered here works, but not for everybody.

If you have or suspect you have a hiatal hernia, taking vinegar, even a small amount, will make your symptoms worse instead of better.

Instead, try soaking almonds 6-8 hours in water. Chew 6-12 of them when heartburn or reflux occurs. Or take a whole clove and suck on it slowly.

Also, many chiropractors can an adjust stomach so it doesn't protrude through the opening (or hernia) in the diaphram.


Apple cider vinager worked for me. It produced alot of saliva and I believe that can also have a part in getting rid of heartburn.

Just a thought


you could all swear by it if you want to, but i did this and it made it 10 times worse. NEVER AGAIN


that stuff tastes like ass!!


hi, i was wondering what heart burn is exactly cause im not sure if thats what i have, what do u feel?please help.

yeah all my friends were like 'yeah take vinegar when you have heartburn' im pretty sure i have reflux...i get heartburn like 4 times a day terrible, it gets right up into my throat and it feels like my esophagus is on fire! so i thought what the hell, i will try it! i had red wine vinegar and white vinegar so i took a teaspoon of the red wine...omg i thought i was going to die! that shit hit the back of my throat and burned soooo bad and then it was as if my throat closed...and i couldnt breath and i was gasping and gagging for air and my throat hurt for like 5 hours after i did it. i will NEVER try it again!! and to top it off it didnt even get rid of my heartburn i had to take 2 tums as usual!

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