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For heartburn drink a teaspoon of vinegar.It is beacause you dont have enough acid in your stomach to digest food properly,thus gasses come back up and burn you.Antacids do just what they say,they get rid of all the acid then your body says whoa!,there's no acid,quick,lets produce some.Then your heartburn goes away.Try it!

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Yea...drink vinegar. It about a 1/4 cup. It will burn while going down but you'll feel much better after that. If you drink a baking water solution the acids in stomach will neutralize the acids in stomach forcing stomach to flood with acid. However if you drink the vinegar you'll destroy the gas quicker.


I tried this remedy and it worked. It taste very bad and burns like hell going down, BUT IT WORKS!! I also tried the baking soda. Baking soda worked also, gave me the burps somethig terrible, but i wa sable to sleep!


I agree. I burns like hell, but it does work.


Does burn going down, but provides some instant relief! 1/4 of a cup might be pushing it! I used closer to 1/8 cup.


I heard about this on TV so next time I got heartburn I decided to try it and I felt better in 10 min. I took about 5 teaspoons (this is better than drinking it b/c there's a risk of choking when drinking it).


This home remedy is completely true. It actually is better to drink a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. My boyfried tried it when he had indigestion and heartburn. It burned for a moment but within about 30 seconds, the pain was gone.


I tried drinking 1 Tbs. white vinegar and choked. Besides that, it gave me a raw, scratchy throat, and I came down with a throat infection because of it. However, my heartburn was better. Here's what I do now--put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey in a glass of hot water, then drink it. It works, and I don't choke.


works great for me, hurt my chest a little, burnt, but after like 30 seconds of that it was perfect...


I used apple cider vinegar and it burned going down but felt better in about 20 seconds. I took two teaspoons.


The rest of you may swear by this, but I tried it jsut like it said to and nothing. I had to drive to the store and buy the Tums. It didn't burn, jstu tasted bad. Did not feel any better for an hour so I took the Tums.

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