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HI guys, I'm back. Just wanted to update everyone. At the moment I am wart free!! Thank you Jesus. The Vit C tab really worked. The scarring is almost completely gone. (Only I can tell.) No new outbreaks. Although I still havent treated the few warts I have in the 'pink.' I'm just afraid they will spread to the outside. I am on my vitamin regiman daily. As far as the itching.....Well let me back up. After I removed the warts, I began having some serious itching. It was from the removed wart spots and then some. It was unbearable. But I found something that worked!! Can you say DESITIN??!!! This was a God send!! Desitin was the ONLY thing that helped the itching!! I STILL use it to this day. I keep a nice coat down there. I dont know if its helping to discourage growth also or not. I shaved there for last night (I sterilized before and after, the razer) and my stuff looked new again! I applied the desitin back on. I hope I helped a lot of peeps out. I will keep you all posted in the future. Thanks everyone. Love ya all!!

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just regular zinc ointment will help, it's wonderful for any skin problem. Desitin has zinc in it, but pure zinc cream would be even better!

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