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Tony Reynolds

I've been reading through this forum for some time and thought it time to join the posts:

1st what didn't/doesn't work for me:
Iron supplements.
Tight fetal position, too big @ 220lbs.
Magnesium supplements.
Chiropratic Treatment.
Vitamins (B12, E, etc...)

2nd what kinda helped:
Requip / Ropinirole
Mirapex / Pramipexole

3rd My Cure:
Iron Infusion

History: Genetic (Mom, Sisters, and both of my children.) As a child I would suffer from leg cramps to point I would cry and couldn't sleep. My Mother would rub my legs to help get me to sleep. As an adult I wrote my sleeplessness off as insomnia, not realizing what exactly was going on. Then in '90 I had multiple GI bleeds that sent my Hemoglobin plumbeting and my RLS through the roof. My RLS was 24/7 and my arms began to suffer badly as well. My family care physician put me on Requip & Mirapex. Both had some success but side affects were also plagueing me.

Then... my doctor referred me to an ocologist/hematologist. As soon as she met me her comment was: 'I'll stake my reputation on the fact that your RLS is tied to your Iron deficiency.' I explained that I had been on iron supplements for over 6 months. We scheduled an Iron Infusion immediately and within 48hrs of the treatment, I was cured and sleeping like I never slept. That was Oct '09, I had my 2nd infusion today. It looks like this may be an every 6-12 month fix for me...

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I have sporadic hereditary RLS -- my dad took Mirapex for it for years, couldn't sleep and was in agony without it, but it did work for him. I can't take Mirapex, but don't have the symptoms that often or that bad. But last night, after three nights of excruciating, unbearable hours of kicking and thrashing and crying, I was reading everything I could find on the web. Everything I read was very disheartening and was either something I'd tried or something I couldn't, when I came across your post, and one thing in your '2nd/kinda worked' section: marijuana.

I outgrew my taste for marijuana in college and have smoked it only once in a great while since then, BUT I happened to have in the back of a bottom desk drawer, a little bag with a couple of joints and a few buds, because you know how some people love to give you a little gift after a party or as a thanks for something, and I never toss anything that might come in handy for medicinal purposes. (I know a lot of people who've gone through chemo!)

Anyway -- it worked. Two tiny tokes and that wriggling, crawling sensation subsided, and didn't come back all night. I found a lot more people talking about it on the web when I Googled 'RLS marijuana', so I guess you sometimes have to know what you're asking specifically before you can get much of a specific answer!

So thanks for my night's sleep! It makes all the difference to my day not to be walking around dreading bedtime! :)


MJ doesn't work at all for me. Iron was the first thing checked by my doctor. I have never been iron deficient, so that's not it either. Still searching for an alternative to increasing doses of Requip.

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