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Mr. Paranoid

OK, first off I wanna say this site is awesome and it's really helpful. I'm gonna try to keep it short but I noticed a few bumps around the bottom of my penis a few years back. They really didn't get crazy but I'm paranoid and I hate seeing ANYTHING down there so I used the lighter to heat up the tip of a pin and burned em off from time to time. You really don't have to get the tip that hot, just hot enough to zap the little sucker. But right after you zap it, take a super sharp razor blade and cut off the melted part. Just make sure you hold your skin tight and only cut off the minimal part that got zapped and try to limit the use of the razor blade to one time, because it will bleed a little and makes it harder to see what you're doing. It sounds painful but it's really not. In about 5-7 days, you should be free and clear.

Next comment on a few more bumps I found down there the other day. Ok, so I didn't have any acv but I had distilled white vinegar, so I dipped a small piece of cotton in it, wrapped about 15 inches of gauze around it and used a rubber band around it instead of sticky tape. A lot neater and keeps it tight enough. Just don't make it too tight. I left it on for about 5-6 hours. It didn't really burn at all and it didn't smell.

Now the next few days, it's gonna look gruesome down there. It's gonna go from red to black in about 3 days. Just take a shower and lightly dab it with soap. I also used some Vitamin E oil 2 days afterwards. Didn't wanna put it on right away. I also used some Neosporin about 4 days in. Used that for about 2-3 days. After about 7 days, the scabs should start to fall off, improving a lot over the next 3 days after. I'm now at day 10 and it's just about all cleared up. I give it about 2 more days until total recovery.

A lot cheaper and less embarrassing than going to the doctor. I know you can feel weird about going to the doctor about this stuff when you can resolve the issue at home. I mean it's not like they have a cure anyhow so why not just do at home what they will only do at the doctor's office. Now if they had a total cure, I would visit the doctor, but until then, no thanks. Anyhow, good luck and hope I helped someone.

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